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To Potential Investors of the Ambulatory Surgical Center, 
I was hoping to come down in person and share the success that we have had with our 2 ambulatory endoscopy suites, but unfortunately I am on-call that weekend. I have been in practice for over 25 years and am currently a partner in a very large (approximately 25 physician) Gastroenterology group in Hartford, Connecticut and as well as having a full share in our endoscopy suites in Bloomfield and Glastonbury, of which I am on the board of directors and chair many of the subcommittees.

We retained Calisher & Associates approximately 8 years ago, and were very pleased with their guidance through the entire process. The first endoscopy center became profitable by the 3rd month of operation, with over 8,000 cases performed annually. We were so pleased with Calisher & Associates, that we retained them to design and implement our newest endoscopy center in Glastonbury, which was done as a joint venture with Hartford Hospital. The Glastonbury endoscopy center was profitable after the first month of operation and continues to exceed all expectations. From a purely personal perspective, the endoscopy suites have been a huge success, adding both efficiency and control to an otherwise chaotic medical environment. In addition, the income generated from each center is substantial, and continues to negate the ongoing reductions in reimbursement.

Although, I cannot speak for all of my partners, I feel confident to say that we have never regretted any aspect of their development and clearly have benefited from their ongoing use. I wish you all a great deal of success with your business venture.

Jeffrey S. Gelwan MD

I have been associated with Calisher and Associates, Inc. since 1996. At that time four other surgeons and I were interested in opening a multi-specialty out-patient surgery center. The Calisher’s were instrumental in obtaining the Certificate of Need in a timely fashion. They attended the hearing with us and very professionally guided us through the process. We obtained our CON in November 1996. The construction of the facility proceeded with their help and guidance. They were instrumental in the planning as well as implementation of the facility. By the time that the physical structure was ready our inspections and insurance contracts were in place. The Calisher’s significantly streamlined the process.

Since the opening of our facility in March of 1998 they have acted as consultants. They have assisted us with compliance, certification by AAAHC, buying contracts and insurance contracts. They are an invaluable source of information and keep our center in compliance and efficient. Their contacts with respect to equipment and supply purchasing have proven very cost effective.
In July 2009, we chose to take advantage of their on-site management service. They have hired an on-site manager. Since the institution of the on-site management service our bottom line has increased significantly. This is not only due to more efficient usage of the facility and services, but also collection and insurance contract negotiation. They are currently in the process of marketing our services to other physicians in the area. With an increase in our case load the bottom line will increase exponentially.
In these extreme economic times and changes in the healthcare environment we have been able to remain profitable and actually increase our income. I would without reservation recommend the services of Calisher and Associates, Inc. to anyone who is contemplating opening an outpatient surgery center or even a more efficient usage of an existing facility.
I would welcome any inquiries.
Susan N. Pick, MD

It is my pleasure to write a brief note about my experiences with Calisher and Associates,
We originally met the Calisher’s back in 2001, when we were first making the decision to build an outpatient surgery center. Ron, Gina, Kevin and Brandon worked tirelessly to help us get through the construction and certification process. We especially found their knowledge of policies and regulations to be extremely helpful.

Their advice, experience, and encouragement helped us to make what is often a long and difficult process quite manageable. Since that time, we have stayed in touch. Recently, we decided we wanted to expand our case volume and insurance contracts. Once again we brought in the Calisher’s to help us. Kevin has been instrumental in bringing new interest to the center. He has worked with our staff to negotiate the best possible rates with insurance, which we all know today is a key to survival.
Finally, we have been through 3 AAAHC inspections. The Calisher’s have helped us each time, and we have never had a substantial citation of any sort. In all, over the last decade, our association with Calisher and Associates has been a huge asset to our organization. I am happy to call them friends as well.

Karl K. Tokita
Procedure Center of Irvine

To Whom It May Concern:
I have worked with Kevin Calisher and his ASC organization for the last six years. We joint ventured on an endoscopy center called the Advanced Endoscopy Center. This single specialty surgery center is located in St. Louis, Missouri and has been very successful since opening five years ago. The project was well organized from the beginning. The Calisher's long experience was invaluable in terms of the design, building, contracting and maintaining the center. They have done a good job handling the employees and helping the doctors achieve their goals in proving the highest of patient care.

As a busy gastroenterologist, I needed someone skilled in the day to day and long-term planning of my endoscopy center. The Calisher's were effective in this goal. Kevin Calisher in particular is fantastic at communication.

Our patient satisfaction questionnaires are ranked highly and we have passed all inspections without qualms. For some testimonials from patients, see our web site and feel free to call me for any questions.

Sincerely yours,
Leonard Weinstock, MD

To Whom It May Concern:
Consider this letter a very strong letter in support of Kevin Calisher with whom I have had the pleasure to work for almost two years. I am the CEO and medical director of a single specialty surgery center in one location which opened in 2003, which Gina and Ron Calisher helped me open. I was so impressed with their performance vis a vis navigating my way through the complex, frustrating task of dealing with government bureaucrats that when I decided to open a second such location I immediately decided to hire them for their assistance and expertise.

I was referred to Kevin from the outset, during the design and proposal phase in applying for a CON for this second facility. Anyone who has ever had to deal with the mentality of government state bureaucrats knows how arduous, needlessly complex, tedious, and often capricious these politicians can be. Despite having to face these challenges, I have always felt that I wasn't navigating my own vessel in these rocky waters alone. Quite the contrary: Kevin has been there every single step of the way for me, for my office manager, for my practice, and ultimately, for my patients who would otherwise have been barred access to the kind of care we provide! He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional, and most importantly, tenacious in dealing with the challenges inherent in the bureaucratic maze of the process. He is thoughtful, incisive, extremely well organized, and extremely competent. In addition, he has always been abundantly available whenever I needed to pick up the phone and call him.
I would not recommend attempting to work with government politicians alone in applying for a CON or during the design/construction phase. Having an experienced, competent third party is, in my opinion, the only way to go. And I'm so glad that I decided to engage the services of the Calisher’s, in particular, Kevin. I would recommend him extremely highly for assistance in obtaining a Certificate of Need and in constructing a surgery center facility.
With the highest praise and admiration,

Michael E. Steuer, M.D.
MidSouth Interventional Pain Institute